5 Reasons Why You Are Not Successful With Brazilian Women

While Brazil is a great country with incredibly sexy women that ooze nonstop sexuality, it’s not exactly a place where you’ll be getting a blowjob as soon as you get off the plane. Nothing is guaranteed.

Here are a few things that will tank your chances of capturing that beautiful Brazilian woman.

Not being aggressive enough

Brazilian women are used to very aggressive men who will stop at nothing to get what they want. In fact, in all my times of going out in different countries, I have rarely met more confident and composed men than Brazilians. These guys definitely have balls.

Unfortunately, if you’re shy and reserved and don’t show the same audacity when pursuing women, the woman you’re pursuing might think that you’re either not interested in her or are gay. Both of these outcomes aren’t favorable to you and will just serve to lower her interest in you. 

Don’t speak Portuguese

While it’s very common to assume that since English is an international language, and that everyone speaks it to a certain degree abroad, the reality is that the only people who will speak fluent English would be Brazilians who’ve either lived in an English-speaking country or those who work in the tourism industry. (Additionally, you can throw wealthy Brazilians into this mix as well since they’re the only wants who can afford to send their children to study abroad or, at least, hire a nanny for them.)

This means that you won’t have access to the other 95% of the population who doesn’t speak English or at least doesn’t speak it comfortably enough where you’re able to build a genuinely intimate connection for the girl to feel comfortable with you.

One of the first things I did when I arrived in Brazil was begin studying Portuguese. Although it took a while before I became comfortable with it, become fluent in Portuguese has been one of the major advantage to my success with the women in the country. Don’t believe for a second that merely knowing English would be enough.

Aren’t staying in the country for too long

Many people think that Brazilian women are so easy that all it takes is one weekend to sleep with as many women as you want. Thus, the idea that someone can fly into the country on Thursday or Friday, meet lots of women at the bars or clubs on the weekend, have lots of sex, and then fly back home on Monday. This is far from the truth.

Brazilian women are fairly conservative (by Latin American standards), so the standard three-day rule applies. I would say you need at least a solid month in order to have enough time to sleep with at least one woman.

Targeting women who aren’t into gringos

My experience in Brazil has shown that there are two types of women: those who date Brazilian men and foreigners and those who only date Brazilian men. 

The explanation for this is that, unlike in other countries such as Russia or Ukraine where lots of women are open to dating foreigners, Brazilian men are generally fit, confident and good-looking, possessing all the qualities that women want. 

However, there are women that, for one reason or another, prefer to go the foreigner route. These are the women that may have traveled or lived abroad. They may be more “sensitive” and are repelled by the aggressive nature of Brazilian guys. Or, a combination of these and other factors, too.

Thus, your mission is study and understand Brazilian women and only go for the women who are open to dating foreigners as well as their own kind.

Believe that Brazilian women don’t need to be “gamed”

There’s also a widespread myth that, just because, they’re Brazilian women, it’s not necessary to seduce them like typical women (e.g., American women). Actually, that’s nothing more than a myth. 

A Brazilian woman isn’t just going to go home with you because you’re a man and she’s a sexy Brazilian woman. They need to be seduced just like any other kind of woman. In fact, I would argue that, compared to very promiscuous American women, which don’t require much seduction beyond a few shots of vodka. Don’t make the rookie mistake that you can just show up, meet a Brazilian woman and take her home.

Final thoughts

Now that you know the factors that have befallen the men behind you, you will arrive to Brazil knowing exactly what to do and what not to do. Best of luck and happy travels.