The Best City To Meet Brazilian Women


One thing you must understand about Brazil is that, although Brazil is a single country, it’s extremely diverse, much more diverse than similar-sized countries like USA, Canada or Australia. 

For instance, Rio de Janeiro is a city that’s entirely different from Belo Horizonte which is only eight hours to the north. 

Both are very different from São Paolo, one of the largest cities in the world which is more similar to New York City than other cities.

Then there’s the south of Brazil which doesn’t even resemble “Brazil” and the north, which is very “Brazilian.” 

The women

Naturally, depending on where you go, the women will be different as well.

Most of my experience was in Rio de Janeiro, where the women are outgoing, friendly and exude that sexiness that Brazilian women are known for. 

Physically, they had olive skin and, for the most part, resembled Europeans such as Portuguese, Italians or Spaniards. 

South of Rio de Janeiro

If you head to a city such as São Paolo, the women will typically be lighter and even more European-looking. Lots of women will be of Italian descent, similar to the neighboring Argentina, but definitely friendlier.

Heading further south to cities such as Curitiba and Florianopolis, and you’ll suddenly realize that you left Brazil and are somewhere in Europe. 

The women there will resemble nothing of their Rio de Janeiro counterparts, but will still be friendlier, exuding the familiar Brazilian sexiness and sensuality.

The last big city in the south is Porto Alegre and the women there will be a bit colder than women in Rio de Janeiro, but still very friendlier.

North of Rio de Janeiro

Belo Horizonte is a big city in a state called Minas Gerais, and when I lived there, I found the women to be super friendly and approachable. 

They were even friendlier in neighboring cities such as Juiz de Fora (I once dated a girl there for a while) and Uberlandia. 

Both cities are excellent options for friendly, down-to-earth, country type women.

Head further inland, and you’re getting into the “Texas” of Brazil with country music, forro dancing, and lots of friendly women.

I met my first Brazilian girlfriend in a San Francisco supermarket. She was from Goiania, a region right in the heart of Brazil. 

She was one of the friendliest and sexiest I’ve ever met. We dated for about two years and then headed our separate ways.

Bahia and beyond

Bahia, the state to the Northeast of Rio de Janeiro is, by all accounts and stereotypes, the “real” Brazil. That’s the home of the famous song “Lambada.” 


The women are darker, influenced by their African heritage. That’s also the case as you head further north into states such as Sergipe, Alagoas, Paraiba and Rio Grande de Norte.

Of course, not all of the women will black; there are lighter skinned European descendants, but it will completely different than in southern states such as Parana and Rio de Grande Do Sul.

The bottom line

So, what’s the best city?

If you like sexy European-looking women with olive skin who are full of themselves, head to Rio de Janeiro.

If you like cosmopolitan, big-city women of European descent, head to São Paolo.

If you like skinny blondes with small asses, head to Florianopolis and Porto Alegre.

If you like black Brazilian women with big asses, head to Bahia and keep going north.

If you’re up for a challenge, check out Amazonas region. I had a friend there who had a great time and met some amazing women.

Final thoughts

Brazil’s slogan is “O pais para todos” (a country for everyone). And, indeed, it’s such a diverse country that pretty much anyone can find there something that they’re looking for.

Whether it’s women, climate, or just a different way of life, you’ll find it in Brazil.