6 Common Myths That Westerners Still Believe About Brazilian Women

‘Excuse me, how much is one scoop of ice cream?’ a cute woman with dark and wavy hair inquired while pointing to the array of colorful ice creams behind the counter window. She was standing in front of me in an organic ice cream shop here in Bali, Indonesia.

I immediately realized the accent. There was no way I could miss it. It was none other than that sweet and melodic Brazilian Portuguese. And she was none other than Brazilian; from the marvelous city of Rio de Janeiro.

I smiled at her. After she reciprocated with her trademark Brazilian smile, I immediately asked her, “So, what’s a Carioca doing in Bali, Indonesia?”

It has been a long time since I met and spent time with a Brazilian woman. Way too long. The more time I spent with her, the more I thought about all the stereotypes that are perpetuated by Western men and media that bear absolutely no resemblance to reality.

As someone who had spent lots of time in Brazil and went out with lots of Brazilian women, I think it’s time to debunk the most common myths—and there are plenty— and set the record straight once and for all about what Brazilian women are really like.

Brazilian women are extremely easy

Ask any American guy—even if he hasn’t stepped foot outside America—what he thinks about Brazilian women and there’s a good chance that he’ll use the following two adjectives to describe the country’s women: sexy and easy.

I really can’t fault him. I used to think the exact same thing—before I went to Brazil. As it turned out, I was only half right. Although they’re sexy, they’re far from easy. Actually, when you compare them to any traditional type of woman such as the ones I’ve been dating in Ukraine or other Eastern European countries, I would rate Brazilian women as more traditional than “Western.” One night stands were rare. Escalation was slow and gradual. It’s the same “three day” rule that exists pretty much everywhere, that is outside the more feminist Anglo-Saxon world.

Brazilian women love foreigners (especially Westerners with pasty white skin)

When I was planning my first trip to Rio de Janeiro, someone was telling me that Brazilian women absolutely love foreigners. Being a European guy who grew up in America, I thought that I will be getting head the moment I stopped of the plane—right in the airport’s bathroom. Let’s just say that I was completely off the mark.

First of all, Brazil receives lots and lots of foreigners—who hasn’t heard of Brazil?—so being a foreigner is no longer—has it been ever?—much of a novelty. Rio de Janeirodefinitely gets the brunt of this; when I lived there there five years ago, it was overridden with foreigners, so I can’t imagine what’s it like now after the World Cup, or what it’ll be like after the upcoming Olympics games.

As a result, Brazilian women have adopted pretty well to ‘gringos’ (foreigners) who’re coming to seduce and sleep with them. I’d even go as far as to categorize Brazilian women into two camps: those who exclusively date fellow Brazilian men and those who’re open to dating foreigners. It helps to remember that Brazilian guysare great looking, confident, patient and are overall smooth seducers (they’re expert seducers when it comes to just about any women, whether she’s Brazilian or foreign — American, Danish, Russian, etc.)

All this means that you won’t feel very “exotic” when you step of the plane or bus in Brazil. The women will know why you’re there and what you want.

Brazilian women love to have sex 24-7

Sexy is probably the first word that comes to mind when you think of Brazil and its women. And with good reason: Brazilian women are some of the most sexiest in the world. They have beautifully curvy and tanned bodies. They move in a certain sexy way unlike pretty much any other nationality on the planet; I can almost always just know that a woman is Brazilian. It’s in her sexy body language.

Then there’s also the annual festival called Carnivalreplete with the sexy Samba dancers wearing almost nothing. Let’s also not forget a Brazilian woman’s favorite beach attire: the “fio dental” (dental floss) bikini, which is as thin as—you guessed it—dental floss.

Thus, one can’t really blame the misguided foreigner to believe that Brazilian women love to have sex 24-7.

This is nothing more than a grand illusion. The clothing that Brazilian women wear doesn’t mean that they’re ready to remove it at a moment’s notice and have sex with you then and there. It doesn’t mean that every woman you meet would want to jump your bones the second she realizes she likes you. No, it doesn’t work like this.

While sex is always in the cards, I would say Brazilian women are simply more comfortable with their bodies than, for example, women who come from more frigid countries like Finland or Norway.

Brazilian women prefer one-night stands over more serious relationships

Another great myth that’s been spreading around pickup blogs and other male-oriented sites since the beginning of time is that Brazilian women love one-night stands as much—if not more—than their Westernized and feministic counterparts, such as American or English women. Again, this couldn’t be farther away from the truth.

Out of all of the women that I went out with in Brazil (there were plenty), I can probably count one hand—how many of those women went home with me on the same night. To say that one-night stands are rare in Brazil would be a grand understatement.

Of course, it’s possible to meet ‘easier’ women in more Westernizedparts in the country (also in some clubs frequented by gringos and gringo hunters), but coming to Brazil and with the sole aim of expecting to sleep with women the same night is a beyond ludicrous. I’d even go as far as to say if all you’re interested in are one night stands, Brazil really isn’t your country. Just stay put in America or England.

Brazilian women don’t require any seduction skills whatsoever

Another one of the great myths is that Brazilian women don’t require any seduction skills whatsoever. I’ve heard this mentioned over and over again, both online and offline: as a man, all you have to do is show up and seduction will happen “automagically.” You simply show up, smile, and, before you know it, you’re having hard sex.

Again, this is also false. While Brazilian women don’t require the “game” you’re taught in America or England—and this “game” is useless outside America or England anyway—you still need to approach and make your intentions clear. There’s more of a direct approach without all the ridiculous aloofness, the teases, the negs, the endless banter, etc. Brazilian women love to be seduced in a confidently and self-assured manner.

Brazilian women are used to and respect such behavior because that’s how Brazilian guys act. Even if you’re a gringo, they expect you to act the same. As opposed to Western guys who are usually scared of approaching, Brazilian guys don’t need to get wasted, motivation or lots of encouragement to pursue a woman they desire. They just make eye contact and go. This is what will be expected of you as well.

All Brazilian women want to find a rich gringo and immigrate to America

This stereotype seems to be as old as the planet Earth itself. Since women from developing countries are poorer than those from developed countries, they’re all opportunists who’re looking to use Western men as a stepping stone to a better life, or so goes the common thought. I’ve witnessed it used with Latin American women, Eastern European women as well as Southeast Asian women.

While there’s some truth to it— there are plenty of gold-diggers that are after your coveted American or [insert your rich country here] passport — it doesn’t really apply to Brazil as much. Brazil is a rapidly developing country and the women you meet in the major cities (e.g., Rio, Sao Paulo, etc) would hardly be interesting in dropping everything they’ve built in order to start a new life in some sterile and feministic Western country where relationships are confusing and men are sissies.

Once you do arrive to Brazil—and if you’re serious about experiencing a different kind of life—and it’s your duty as a heterosexual man, you’ll realize that things are very different on the ground; that the wonderful creature known world over as the Brazilian woman can never be done justice using shallow and simple sentences that attempt to explain her complex and sensual behavior.

Actually, come to think of it, Western stereotypes appear to be nothing more than a projection of shallow and superficial insecurities and beliefs—an artifact of Western culture—to sexy foreign women.